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TM PLASTIGY – is a trademark owned by the ELMAT group. Under this brand we combine our technology, our energy and our more than twenty-five years of experience with plastics.

Our priorities

Customer focus:  we produce both mass-produced products as well as original products for our customers special projects.

We follow current trends and study new technologies in order to provide our customers with new products that fully meet their needs in a timely manner.

Our managers are always ready to help in choosing the best solution for each specific case, to answer any questions and to provide any necessary information about the product.

Liability: Products manufactured under the TM PLASTIGY have a transparent product origin.

As a manufacturer we are responsible to the customer for our products. Our customers always know where, how and when their order is fulfilled.

Knowing that our products help our customers to achieve their goals, we are constantly improving all stages of our business.

Development: We strive to develop for and with our customers. That's why our specialists regularly participate in training programmes, our equipment fleet is updated, and our procurement department looks for the best raw material suppliers.

We realise that it's not just about providing the customer with the product, it's about providing the solution. That's why we spend a lot of effort on improving our technology, expanding our product range and engaging with our customers. We want to ensure that what we do, the products we make, are in maximum demand and needed in the market.

The success of our customers is important to us!

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